Check out all the results and venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, including the knockout bracket.

What was the FIFA World Cup format?
The 32 teams were drawn into eight groups of four nations. The top two in each group advanced to the knockout rounds.

The competition then moved onto a round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals and final.

The tournament was hosted by Qatar from Nov. 20 to Dec. 18.

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FIFA World Cup fixtures and results

Sunday, Dec. 18
Argentina 3-3 France (AET, pens 4-2) (Lusail Iconic Stadium)


Saturday, Dec. 17
Croatia 2-1 Morocco (Khalifa International Stadium)


Tuesday, Dec. 13
Argentina 3-0 Croatia (Lusail Iconic Stadium)

Wednesday, Dec. 14
France 2-0 Morocco (Al Bayt Stadium)


Friday, Dec. 9
Croatia 1-1 Brazil (AET, pens 4-2) (Education City Stadium)
Netherlands 2-2 Argentina (AET, pens 3-4) (Lusail Iconic Stadium)

Saturday, Dec. 10
Morocco 1-0 Portugal (Al Thumama Stadium, Doha)
England 1-2 France (Al Bayt Stadium, Al Khor)


Saturday, Dec. 3
Netherlands 3-1 United States (Khalifa International Stadium)
Argentina 2-1 Australia (Ahmed bin Ali Stadium)

Sunday, Dec. 4
France 3-1 Poland (Al Thumama Stadium)
England 3-0 Senegal (Al Bayt Stadium)

Monday, Dec. 5
Japan 1-1 Croatia (AET, pens 1-3) (Al Janoub Stadium)
Brazil 4-1 South Korea (Stadium 974)

Tuesday, Dec. 6
Morocco 0-0 Spain (AET, pens 3-0) (Education City Stadium)
Portugal 6-1 Switzerland (Lusail Iconic Stadium)


Sunday, Nov. 20
Group A: Qatar 0-2 Ecuador (Al Bayt Stadium)

Monday, Nov. 21
Group B: England 6-2 IR Iran (Khalifa International Stadium)
Group A: Senegal 0-1 Netherlands (Al Thumama Stadium)
Group B: United States 1-1 Wales (Ahmad bin Ali Stadium)

Tuesday, Nov. 22
Group C: Argentina 1-2 Saudi Arabia (Lusail Stadium)
Group D: Denmark 0-0 Tunisia (Education City Stadium)
Group C: Mexico 0-0 Poland (Stadium 974)
Group D: France 4-1 Australia (Al Janoub Stadium)

Wednesday, Nov. 23
Group F: Morocco 0-0 Croatia (Al Bayt Stadium)
Group E: Germany 1-2 Japan (Khalifa International Stadium)
Group E: Spain 7-0 Costa Rica (Al Thumama Stadium)
Group F: Belgium 1-0 Canada (Ahmad bin Ali Stadium)

Thursday, Nov. 24
Group G: Switzerland 1-0 Cameroon (Al Janoub Stadium)
Group H: Uruguay 0-0 South Korea (Education City Stadium)
Group H: Portugal 3-2 Ghana (Stadium 974)
Group G: Brazil 2-0 Serbia (Lusail Stadium)

Friday, Nov. 25
Group B: Wales 0-2 IR Iran (Ahmad bin Ali Stadium)
Group A: Qatar 1-3 Senegal (Al Thumama Stadium)
Group A: Netherlands 1-1 Ecuador (Khalifa International Stadium)
Group B: England 0-0 United States (Al Bayt Stadium)

Saturday, Nov. 26
Group D: Tunisia 0-1 Australia (Al Janoub Stadium)
Group C: Poland 2-0 Saudi Arabia (Education City Stadium)
Group D: France 2-1 Denmark (Stadium 974)
Group C: Argentina 2-0 Mexico (Lusail Stadium)

Sunday, Nov. 27
Group E: Japan 0-1 Costa Rica (Ahmad bin Ali Stadium)
Group F: Belgium 0-2 Morocco (Al Thumama Stadium)
Group F: Croatia 4-1 Canada (Khalifa International Stadium)
Group E: Spain 1-1 Germany (Al Bayt Stadium)

Monday, Nov. 28
Group G: Cameroon 3-3 Serbia (Al Janoub Stadium)
Group H: South Korea 2-3 Ghana (Education City Stadium)
Group G: Brazil 1-0 Switzerland (Stadium 974)
Group H: Portugal 2-0 Uruguay (Lusail Stadium)

Tuesday, Nov. 29
Group A: Netherlands 2-0 Qatar (Al Bayt Stadium)
Group A: Ecuador 1-2 Senegal (Khalifa International Stadium)
Group B: Wales 0-3 England (Ahmad bin Ali Stadium)
Group B: IR Iran 0-1 United States (Al Thumama Stadium)

Wednesday, Nov. 30
Group D: Tunisia 1-0 France (Education City Stadium)
Group D: Australia 1-0 Denmark (Al Janoub Stadium)
Group C: Poland 0-2 Argentina (Stadium 974)
Group C: Saudi Arabia 1-2 Mexico (Lusail Stadium)

Thursday, Dec. 1
Group F: Croatia 0-0 Belgium (Ahmad bin Ali Stadium)
Group F: Canada 1-2 Morocco (Al Thumama Stadium)
Group E: Japan 2-1 Spain (Khalifa International Stadium)
Group E: Costa Rica 2-4 Germany (Al Bayt Stadium)

Friday, Dec. 2
Group H: South Korea 2-1 Portugal (Education City Stadium)
Group H: Ghana 0-2 Uruguay (Al Janoub Stadium)
Group G: Cameroon 1-0 Brazil (Lusail Stadium)
Group G: Serbia 2-3 Switzerland (Stadium 974)

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