Australia Coronavirus cases at 7,133: Deaths at 102

Coronavirus in Australia rise by 15. Australia now has 7,133 coronavirus cases.

It’s an increase of 15 in the past 24 hours, with more than one third of those presenting in a live export ship off the coast of Western Australia.

Six of the 48 crew aboard the Al Kuwait ship tested positive for coronavirus on Tuesday and accounted for all of WA’s new cases.

Elsewhere, Victoria had a daily increase of five, New South Wales an increase of two and Queensland and South Australia one new case apiece.

Both the Northern Territory and the Australian Capital Territory are coronavirus free and have no active cases.

To date, New South Wales has 3,092 coronavirus cases and 50 deaths.

The Australian Capital Territory has 107 cases and 3 deaths.

Victoria has 1,610 cases and 19 deaths.

Queensland has 1,057 cases and 4 deaths.

South Australia has 440 cases and 4 deaths.

Western Australia has 551 cases and 9 deaths.

The Northern Territory has 30 cases and no deaths.

Tasmania has 228 cases and 13 deaths.

The new cases come as Australia continues to roll back restrictions and plan a way out of the pandemic.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Tuesday announced the “JobMaker” scheme, designed to overhaul the vocational education sector.

“We need Australians better trained for the jobs businesses are looking to create,” he told the National Press Club on Tuesday.

Under Morrison’s plan, funding would be more closely linked to skill gaps based on what businesses need.

Human trials for a vaccine in Australia – the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere – also commenced on Tuesday.

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